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Massage & Grooming


Hank's first puppy grooming
Egg Harbor Township, NJ

How will my dog or cat Benefit from a Massage:

*Increases circulation.

*Strengthens the body by stimulating muscles.

*Restores range of motion.

*Increases blood flow which helps alleviate pain, reduce edema & 

  removes build-up of lactic acid.

*comforts tired muscles.

*Affects behavior issues and relieves physical/emotional pain.

*Maintains consistent assessment of animal.

*Helps older animals cope with stiffness and discomfort that accompany arthritis.

*Supports animals in times of crisis.

*Can assist animal to release toxic effects of anesthetics; post-op.

from Linwood, NJ



Acupressure therapy

*Is a technique where the energies of the body are regulated by applying pressure to certain meridian points on the body.

*Relieve stress and tension

*Relax the mind and body

*Increase blood circulation

*Aid in the removal of toxic waste

*Promote healing of injuries

*Increase over feeling of well-being

"Acupressure helps balance the energy along the entire body"

Sadie looking beautiful!

We now offer Grooming and Dental treatments to our list of services!

Come in for a bath and get your first Dental Treatment free!

We are using the PlaqClnz Oral Cleansing Program.  So many pet owners do not realize just how important pet oral care is. Healthy gums and teeth can add up to  5 years to your pets life!

PlaqClnz is a safe alternative to anesthesia based dental cleaning particularly for senior dogs and cats. It does not replace dental treatments from a vet for more advanced periodontal disease or heavy tartar buildup

Come in and learn about this exciting new program. I will let you know how you can improve and safeguard your pets life!

Devon and Smooshie